“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon”

Hello, my name is Paolo, I am currently located in England, living in different countries such as England, Brazil and Venezuela has allowed me to grasp a better understanding of the business market, my main goal is life is to succeed, to achieve this I believe I have to put my 100% focus into the work I take part in.

I enjoyed operating my own small business which had international customers but I seek to further my career by the use of transferable skills which I have acquired over the years of business experience.
What I love the most is using my entrepreneurship, creativity and dedication to find solutions to many difficulties in which I face through my business life and my social life.

As a sports enthusiast, I ensure that I dedicate time to allow myself to participate in physical activities in the gym, I have learnt to understand the importance of time management and dedication through the gym and now always try to incorporate these two key factors into everything to allow me to achieve my goals.